Article 50

As many people will know, I supported the Remain campaign and was deeply saddened that we were unable to convince the public of the case to stay.

Istanbul Convention

The Government remains committed to tackling violence against women and girls, and to ratifying the Istanbul Convention.

Mobile Telephone Service

Ofcom is responsible for the health of the UK mobile market, in line with its statutory duties. These duties include the promotion of competition and efficient use of spectrum. 

Military Exports

I fully appreciate why there is much concern about the global arms trade. I can assure you the Government takes UK's arms export responsibilities very seriously, and operates one of the most rigorous arms export control regimes in the world.

Public Sector Exit Payments

The Spending Review 2015 announced the Government's intention to consult on cross-public sector action on exit payment terms, to reduce the costs of redundancy pay-outs and ensure greater consistency between workforces.

Council Investment Decisions

There are strong views on this issue but it cannot be right for councils to have the power to make divisive decisions which set different parts of the community against each other. Such decisions would not be democratic or beneficial for community relations.