George meets with constituent to discuss Orkambi

George recently met with constituents Dan Short & his parents John and Mary to discuss the how he can help with enabling access to Orkambi and pipeline precision medicines etc for people with Cystic Fibrosis.  They discussed the recent roundtable meeting which took place in Parliament which was an opportunity for Vertex to lobby MPs to put pressure on NICE and the Department of Health to review their decision in 2016 about Orkambi not being cost effective.

Vertex’s proposal is for a 10 year, fixed-cost deal with NICE. They argue this will create budget certainty, avoid a delay to 2019 and make Orkambi accessible to all age ranges. The proposal would cover a pipeline of 18 drugs over the course of the period, so they believe all Cystic Fibrosis sufferers would benefit under it, not just those taking Orkambi.
George will closely follow the action points discussed in the meeting, and the forthcoming cross-party debate in Westminster Hall.