Off The Fence

Increasing numbers of women are taking part in an ever wider range of sports and this is good news when girls can be put off taking part in games through lack of confidence or embarrassment.

Westminster View

Christmas is the time of year for us to come together to give presents and spend important time tightening the important bonds of family and friendship.

Westminster View

These last few weeks there’s been much talk about ‘hard and soft Brexit’, being 'in or out of the single market', and more besides with quite a few people getting into rather a lather over it all.

Westminster View

Meritocracy is a wonderful word, it trips off the tongue and it has an air of fairness and decency about it.

Westminster View - Brexit

Traditionally, August is a month where politics tends to disappear from people's radars as Parliament is in recess and many go on holiday.

Westminster View - Theresa May

Wow! What a few weeks! And perhaps I could leave this column just there and everyone would know exactly what I am talking about, but I have around another 400 words so here goes…

Westminster View - The Queen

There was much celebration last month when The Queen reached her 90th birthday and I would very much like to add my best wishes.

Westminster view - NHS mistakes

Many organisations and industries operate rigorous procedures to ensure that mistakes are thoroughly investigated, and actions taken to stop them happening again.

Westminster view - Fuel prices

Everyone has seen a very welcome drop in petrol prices over the last few months with the amount we’re paying heading down to £1-a-litre or even less.

Westminster view - 2016 predictions

It’s that time again for some New Year’s predictions, which are, of course, great fun to think up but possibly a little cringe worthy come the year’s end.