Click and Send Campaigns

National ‘Click and Send’ CampaignsSince I became an MP in 2010, I have received a great many ‘click and send’ emails which constituents send via lobbying websites.

Horse riders and the Highway Code review

A number of constituents have been in touch about horse riders and the Highway Code review. I have confirmed that Ministers are aware of the points made by horse riders about the scope of the review.


I appreciate your concern about the use of fireworks. While many people enjoy their use on special occasions I know others do not like them. Fireworks can of course be very dangerous and I am glad the use and sale of them is controlled.

Mental Health Policy

Tackling poor mental health must be a priority and should be treated with the same importance as physical health: the Government enshrined parity of esteem for physical and mental health in law in the Health and Social Care Act 2012. Spending on mental health increased to a planned £11.86 billion

Secondary Breast Cancer

The Government is committed to ensuring that people with a secondary breast cancer diagnosis receive the highest quality care.

Transparency of Loans to Developing Countries

The UK continues to be at the forefront of international efforts to promote responsible lending and borrowing practices. This includes ongoing support for the IMF-World Bank Debt Sustainability Framework and OECD lending principles covering official export credits. 

Cancer treatment travel costs

I do appreciate how emotive the issue of travel costs for young people receiving cancer treatment is for many people.    I have spoken with Ministerial colleagues in the Department of Health and have made sure they are aware of the broader concerns raised on this issue.

Support for pubs

I recognise the crucial role that pubs play in the social and economic life of our nation, as well in helping to promote responsible drinking, which is why I am encouraged by the support which the Government has made available to pubs.

The Environment

As set out in the 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment, the decision to leave the European Union has created an historic opportunity to deliver a Green Brexit, where environmental standards are not only maintained but enhanced.