Click and Send Campaigns

National ‘Click and Send’ CampaignsSince I became an MP in 2010, I have received a great many ‘click and send’ emails which constituents send via lobbying websites.

Green Investment Bank

I am proud of the work done by the Government to support green infrastructure through the Green Investment Bank.

Elephants and the Ivory Trade

Like many other people, I am seriously concerned about the effect of illegal poaching and ivory trafficking on the long-term prospects for the survival of the elephant.

Brexit: Supreme Court decision

Many people have been in touch with me regarding the Supreme Court decision that a Bill must pass through Parliament before the UK can start the process of leaving the EU.

Article 50

As many people will know, I supported the Remain campaign and was deeply saddened that we were unable to convince the public of the case to stay.

Istanbul Convention

The Government remains committed to tackling violence against women and girls, and to ratifying the Istanbul Convention.

Mobile Telephone Service

Ofcom is responsible for the health of the UK mobile market, in line with its statutory duties. These duties include the promotion of competition and efficient use of spectrum.