Click and Send Campaigns

National ‘Click and Send’ CampaignsSince I became an MP in 2010, I have received a great many ‘click and send’ emails which constituents send via lobbying websites.

Give pubs a chance

 recognise the crucial role that pubs play in the social and economic life of our nation, as well in helping to promote responsible drinking, which is why I am encouraged by the support which the Government has made available to pubs.

Fur Free Britain

I appreciate that many people have strong feelings on this issue.   I support the highest standards of animal welfare so I am pleased to note that the importation of fur products is tightly regulated.

Homeowners and self-defence

In the last few weeks, a number of constituents have been in touch with me regarding the rights of homeowners to tackle burglars who break into their homes.

Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill

Tackling human trafficking and modern slavery is a top priority for this Government, and I am personally committed to stamping out this abhorrent crime.

Central Equine Database (CED)

Defra consulted on changes to reflect the new EU Equine Passport Regulation in spring 2017. The legal provisions are fundamentally the same as those that have been in place since 2009.

Unpaid Trial Shifts

Trial periods can offer many benefits to employers and potential employees, and generally an employer does not have to pay for a trial shift so long as it is truly a trial. However, businesses are encouraged to agree payment or expenses, if any, for a trial shift in advance.

Yarl's Wood #HungerForFreedom Campaign

Ensuring that individuals abide by immigration rules is an essential part of an effective immigration system. This includes individuals leaving the UK if they have no lawful basis to remain.

Israel Apartheid Week

I would like to make it clear that I condemn all acts of antisemitism in the strongest possible terms. Any discrimination or hostility based on religion or race is deplorable and there is no place for it in our society.